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Metrix Pakistan Yses Youth Summit to Empower Young People

Metrix Pakistan, a leader in technology and innovation, successfully. Organized the second Metrix Youth Summit in Haripur, Pakistan, demonstrating its dedication. To youth empowerment. The summit, which took place on April 27, 2024. At the prestigious Library Hall, drew an impressive throng of over 3,000 guests. From all backgrounds and domains.

Metrix Pakistan has been a pathfinder in promoting technological projects. Throughout Pakistan, especially in distant areas where access. To such opportunities is limited, thanks to the visionary leadership. Of its founder and CEO, Hassan Nisar. This dedication was demonstrated by the Youth Summit, which gave young people. A forum to investigate the revolutionary potential of technology.

Sher Afzal Marwat, a member of Pakistan’s National Assembly, opened the summit. By stressing the crucial role that technology will play. In determining the country’s future, with a particular emphasis on Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). Attendees found Marwat’s speech to be impactful since it emphasized the value. Of encouraging an innovative and tech-literate culture.

Significant announcements targeted at advancing youth development in the region. Were made at the event in cooperation with RankingGrow. And the Directorate of Youth Affairs Department KP Government. Member of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Assembly Malik Adeel Iqbal praised Metrix Pakistan’s. And its partners’ efforts in putting together such significant programs.

RankingGrow CEO Ammad Ali recently offered 10,000 free training opportunities in KPK. Demonstrating the group’s shared commitment to preparing. The next generation of young people for the digital age. Raja Ahmed from Microsoft and Muddasir Shafique from Hum TV both made thought-provoking. Remarks at the summit, emphasizing the role that innovation. And technology play in advancing prosperity.

With a wide array of speakers, thought-provoking seminars, and lively discussions. The Metrix Youth Summit gave participants a special chance to connect. Work together, and pick the brains of business executives. The atmosphere of creativity and possibility persisted beyond the event, encouraging. A new generation of young leaders to seize the chances. And challenges presented by the digital age.

Metrix Pakistan’s steadfast commitment to technical innovation. And youth empowerment keeps setting new standards and solidifying. Its role as a force for good in Pakistan and beyond. Projects like the Metrix Youth Summit act. As beacons of hope, pointing the way forward for prosperity. And advancement for all as the country navigates its way towards a better future.

Muhammad Imran
Muhammad Imran
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