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Meera’s Millions Stolen: House Jewelry Heist

Film actor suspects her domestic help of stealing her diamond sets and wristwatch

LAHORE: A major theft took place at Pakistani film actor Meera’s residence in Lahore on Thursday when an expensive piece of jewelry and a wristwatch were stolen.

The well known famous actor reported the incident to the local police, suspecting one of her domestic help of stealing her personal belongings. A first information report (FIR) was registered at the Defence (A) Police Station on behalf of Meera, whose real name is Irtiza Rabab.

According to the text of FIR, Meera’s came to be familiar with the burglary in the extremely early times of Thursday when she got back from shopping late around evening time around 12:30am.

The actor likewise expressed in her protest that she found her gems, two precious stone sets and a wristwatch, missing from her “trunk”.

The trunk mentioned by Meera in her complaint contained the stolen valuables.

When she asked the domestic help workers present at her home, she found out that one of them, named Qasim, was not there and his phone was also unreachable or switched off.

“I firmly suspect that my possessions have been taken by my home assistance Qasim,” she said while referencing the absolute worth of the taken things.

As indicated by Meera’s, the gems sets are worth Rs8 million and the watch is worth Rs2 million.

The film actor mentioned the police to capture the selected suspect and recuperate the taken things.

Police said that they are completing strikes looking for the suspect.

Brought into the world in Lahore, the Pakistani entertainer and model has been related with the showbiz business since her teenagers. In her underlying works, she was a model, and in 1990s, she made her film debut with Inteha, which was a hit.

She has worked in the Pakistani entertainment world as well as in India’s Bollywood also. Meera began in Zeher, 1920 London, and others.

She highlighted in Pakistan films including Mushkil, Baaji, among others.

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