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Maryam Nawaz Wears Clothes Worth Rs. 500-800: Uzma Bukhari

During a recent TV program, PML-N leader Uzma Bukhari disclosed that Maryam Nawaz wears Rs. 500 suits every day. According to Bukhari, significant progress has been made in Punjab since Maryam Nawaz assumed the position of Chief Minister. In her interview with a private news channel, Bukhari mentioned that Maryam Nawaz has taken important measures to improve the education and healthcare sectors in Punjab within a week of assuming office.

The new system implementation and the launch of the “Clean Punjab” campaign are already underway. Bukhari also stated that the CM has made it clear to the bureaucracy that any negligence or carelessness in the province will not be tolerated. She further added that immediate action will be taken on crimes against women across the province. The Chief Minister has also approved the creation of a new department to control food prices and self-inflation. Moreover, she mentioned that affordable Ramadan model markets would be established in every district, and Ramadan packages would be distributed to deserving individuals at their homes.

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