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Malala Yousafzai Announces Scholarships to Palestinian students at Oxford University

At her keynote speech at the Oxford Pakistan Programme (OPP) Fundraiser Dinner, the youngest Nobel laureate and co-founder of Malala Fund, Malala Yousafzai, unveiled a new scholarship project to benefit Palestinian students at the University of Oxford.

Malala Yousafzai discussed how the Graduate Scholarship for Palestinian Students seeks to remove financial obstacles that keep Palestinian students from taking advantage of Oxford’s prestigious educational possibilities as part of the Refugee Academic Futures Programme at Oxford.

She emphasised in her speech the terrible toll that the current Gaza conflict has taken on educational prospects. She said, “All of Gaza’s universities and more than 80% of its schools have been damaged or destroyed.”

She underlined that this scholarship is just one of many crucial signs of support that we can give to young Palestinians, saying, “To rebuild Gaza’s education system, years of investment in learning opportunities and a durable ceasefire are required.” However, at this time, we must all make every effort to assist as many students as we can by telling their stories, endorsing their calls to action, and providing them with direct financial help.

Yousafzai underlined, “The goal of this initiative is to centre and support young Palestinians whose voices will continue to resonate across the globe.” “By working together, we are demonstrating our strong support for the Palestinian people and going above and beyond in supporting a scholarship.”

In October 2024, the first recipient of this scholarship will start classes at the University of Oxford’s Lady Margaret Hall. This scholar will embody resilience and transformation as a member of the lively Oxford Pakistan Programme community. By drawing on a network of support and solidarity from their diverse peers, they will inspire many more to come and contribute to a brighter future.

A special access programme will be implemented by Oxford University to supplement the Malala Fund scholarship. Through this programme, Palestinian students will receive guidance on how to apply to US and UK universities.

In her speech, Malala Yousafzai emphasised the Malala Fund’s continued support for Palestine, which goes beyond the more than $300,000 that they have already contributed. She also called for more funding for humanitarian initiatives and organisations led by Palestinians. While the Malala Fund works with activist partners to promote girls’ access to and completion of their education, they also make sure that funds are preserved for emergency and relief activities in the event that the most serious crises interfere with students’ capacity to learn.

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“This is such a trying moment.It is horrifying and heartbreaking.I find it impossible to fathom the horrors and suffering that Palestinians endure.Humanising others is crucial, in my opinion. When we examine conflicts, wars, and persecution, we frequently find that they all start with the dehumanisation of another group. I oppose the dehumanisation of Palestinians. Yousafzai stated in a recent British Vogue interview. “They require peace, humanitarian aid, and a ceasefire.”

Malala Yousafzai, a notable Lady Margaret Hall alumni, has backed the OPP programme since its start because she is dedicated to making ensuring all girls have access to a thorough education. During her speech, she also discussed how she helped to create two scholarships at Oxford University for Pakistani women students in order to support their academic aspirations. This initiative fosters academic distinction and leadership.

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