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Karachi Hits 12°C, Coldest 2024 Night

Karachi weather may become colder in next 2 to 4 days with minimum temperature of 10°C, says chief meteorologist

  • Cold, dry weather likely to prevail in next 24 hours. 
  • Mercury in Karachi to drop as low as 10°C in coming days. 
  • Chief meteorologist says weather not as cold this winter. 

Karachi recorded the coldest night of the winter this year today (Wednesday), with the temperature dropping to 12 degrees Celsius. 

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), cold and dry weather is likely to prevail in the metropolis in the next 24 hours. 

The Met Office said that the mercury is expected to drop as low as 10 to 12°C in the coming days while the maximum temperature is likely to rise between 25 to 27°C.

The humidity was reported at 60% and the speed of winds blowing from the upper east is 3 kilometers each hour.

Addressing, cheif meteorologist Sardar Sarfaraz said that the base temperature of this colder time of year season has been recorded as low as 11.5°C in December.

Keep going year on January 14, the temperature decreased to 6°C in the port city, said the main meteorologist.

He added that the climate in Karachi might become colder in the following three to four days with a base temperature of 10°C. Sarfaraz additionally said that the virus will keep going for the following half a month.

Furthermore, the central meteorologist said that the weather conditions was not as chilly this colder time of year.

In a new report by the EU’s environment administration, the year 2023 has formally gotten its put as the most smoking on record, outperforming past temperatures by roughly 1.48°C.

Human-induced environmental change and the impact of the El Niño climate peculiarity added to this exceptional warmth, with worldwide air and ocean surface temperatures reliably setting new highs.

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