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Jam Kamal Visits SLIC Cutting-Edge Data Management Center

Federal Minister for Commerce, Jam Kamal Khan, on Friday undertook a significant. Visit to the State Life Insurance Company (SLIC). Located within the prominent State Life Tower in Islamabad. And briefed on the health insurance card.

During his visit, Minister Jam Kamal Khan was given a detailed. Overview of SLIC’s operations and functionalities.

Impressed by SLIC’s dedication to advancing healthcare initiatives nationwide. Minister Jam Kamal Khan particularly emphasized. The pivotal role of the Data Management Center in achieving this objective.

Minister Jam Kamal Khan highlighted the evolving global trend towards. Insurance-based healthcare systems, noting the superiority of SLIC’s facilities over traditional government-owned hospitals. 

He directed for pasting rating system on the prominent. Place of the private hospitals registered with SLIC, aimed at empowering individuals. To make informed choices regarding their healthcare providers.

SLIC’s CEO, Shoaib Javed Hussain, presented an. In-depth overview of the company’s advanced technological capabilities. 

Highlighting SLIC’s role in revolutionizing healthcare service delivery through digital solutions. Mr. Hussain emphasized the integration of modern data processing tools into SLIC’s operations.

SLIC’s Health IT Infrastructure includes real-time Health Management Information Systems (HMIS). An E-Claim Management System, Business Intelligence Tools, AI-Based Screening Claims, and Digital Payments.

What’s the Point of Jam Kamal Visit?

The visit by Jam Kamal represents an initiative to capitalise on the potential. For cooperation between Sindh and Balochistan, especially in the area of animal husbandry. Acknowledging the value of interprovincial cooperation, Kamal underlined. The necessity of exchanging resources, knowledge, and best practices. In order to support the expansion of the livestock industry throughout Pakistan.

Discussions about various areas of collaboration. Such as knowledge exchange programmes, capacity building initiatives. And joint research projects, took place during the visit. In order to provide farmers with just profits. Both sides pledged to advance sustainable livestock practices. Improve animal health services, and facilitate livestock marketing.

In addition, the visit provided a means of investigating investment prospects. Within the livestock industry. Kamal emphasised the tremendous potential of livestock farming in Balochistan. And the province’s openness to partnerships and investments aimed. At modernising and growing the livestock sector.

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