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“Indian Woman Back Home, Awaits Visa”

DIR: Anju — now Fatima — an Indian woman who made headlines both at home and internationally after traveling to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and marrying Nasrullah, an Upper Dir man, has left Pakistan to reunite with her two children.

According to The News, Anju crossed the Wagah border into India two days ago after her husband expressed hope that she will return to Pakistan in two or three months.

Anju, 34, met and married Nasrullah five months after they met on Facebook and landed in Upper Dir on July 22.

Nasrullah told The News that Anju had returned to her home country after spending a few days in Islamabad and Lahore. The couple had lately toured Lahore’s ancient attractions, including the Badshahi Mosque and Badshahi Fort. Pakistan Park and Qilla.

He went on to say that Anju’s one-month visa had already expired, and that they had applied to the Ministry of Interior to extend it, but that due to various complications, it could not be completed yet, and that the legal process was meant to take four months to a year.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Anju had been granted a one-year visa extension by Pakistani authorities.

Nasrullah stated that despite Anju’s repeated requests, the visa was not extended, therefore she opted to leave.

Return to the airport with a 15-day departure letter and cancel the visa extension application.

Several friends in Lahore threw them a farewell party before they left for India, he claimed. In response to a question, Nasrullah stated that she would return to Pakistan in three months. He stated that it would have been preferable if her visa had been extended for one year, but this did not occur.

“If I get a visa for India, then I will take Anju back myself,” he added, adding that Anju was facing a divorce lawsuit from her first husband in India and wanted to meet her children. He stated that Anju was loved and respected by everyone in Pakistan.

Nasrullah stated The people of Dir were thanked for their continuous support, claiming that they lacked nothing. According to family sources, Anju may relocate permanently to Dubai for a more peaceful life and to be closer to her children.

Anju had previously married Nasrullah in a legal marriage after converting to Islam in Upper Dir. Locals and organizations across the country showered the pair with love and respect. Several businesses and organizations showed their compassion by announcing plots and providing presents to the couple across the country.

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