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In Kot Addu, Fearless Female Students Stop to Build Illegal Building at School

Young girls at a Government Primary Girls School in Kot Addu bravely. Resisted a landlord’s attempt to turn their institution into a business venture.

The girls reported the illegal construction activity to SDPO Circle. DSP Tahir Ejaz, right away after becoming concerned about it. Within their school’s grounds. SDPO Tahir Ejaz reported the complaint to DPO Hussnain Haider. And AC Asghar Laghari for prompt action after receiving it.

To look into the claims, a team made up of police officers. SDPO Tahir Ejaz, and revenue officials went to the location. Testimony from witnesses attested to the involvement of landlord Ghulam Abbas. His sons Muhammad Yunis and Amir, and associate Abdul Khaliq. In the development of commercial structures on the school’s property.

The ownership of the land was determined to be the school. Following a comprehensive investigation. As a result, the landlord and his associates were taken into custody by the police. Who then filed charges against them.

What Action Took By Assistant Commissioner in Kot Addu?

The assistant commissioner took decisive action, ordering the illegal buildings. Including a house and several stores. That had been built on the school’s property to be demolished. DPO Hussnain Haider commended the young students for their bravery and alertness. Stressing that their actions had effectively maintained the school’s sanctity.

The girl students’ prompt action demonstrates their dedication. To upholding the school’s integrity and defending their right to an education. Her bravery in opposing illegal encroachment sets a positive example for communities worldwide.

Consequently, the landlord and his associates involved. In the unauthorized use of public property were captured. By law enforcement and charges were filed against them.

The assistant commissioner took decisive action. Ordering the houses and shops that had been built on school property. Without permission to be demolished. This prompt action emphasizes how crucial community watchfulness. Is to protecting public resources and educational establishments.

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