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Imran Khan Appears Via Video Link At SC

On the appeal filed by the federal government in the NAB amendments, the hearing is going on in the Supreme Court, the founder PTI Imran Khan appeared in the hearing through a video link, Imran Khan is wearing a blue T-shirt. During the hearing, the Tehreek-e-Insaf founder did stretching exercises with his hands tied behind his head, shaking his arms in an exercise style, and moving his neck from left to right. A 5-member larger bench headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan is hearing.

The 5-member larger bench headed by the Chief Justice includes Justice Aminuddin, Justice Jamal Khan Mandukhel, Justice Atharmanullah, and Justice Hasan Azhar Rizvi. Earlier, on the request of the founder PTI, the Supreme Court declared the NAB amendments invalid, the court issued a written decision against the NAB amendments on September 15, 2023. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan appeared in the court through a video link and court date.

This is the first time that a criminal has been produced directly in the Supreme Court from Adiala Jail, earlier in the High Courts and District Courts people have been appearing through video links but this is the first instance of appearance in the Supreme Court. The Chief Justice asked Khawaja Haris present in the court that he would act as a lawyer in this case. Khawaja Haris replied that yes, I would assist. Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa called the Attorney General and Khawaja Haris to the rostrum and also sought an order for the hearing held in the Islamabad High Court on the NAB amendments. I speak so that even the founder of PTI can listen to you, on which Makhdoom Ali Khan, the lawyer of the federal government, started the arguments. Meanwhile, a large number of PTI leadership and lawyers were present in the courtroom.

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