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How many lakhs are spent to see the Eid moon?

I have received detailed information about the baseless circulation of the budget and benefits related to the Ruit Hilal Committee on social media. According to the report, the budget of the committee for moon sighting is 65 lakh rupees. An amount of 65 lakhs has been allocated for the Central Viewing Crescent Committee in the federal budget 2023-24, and 50 lakhs have been kept in 2022-23. The report states that the Central Committee consists of 22 members, and on the day of the meeting, members are given protocol equivalent to the 20th-grade officer. This includes a flight ticket, car rental, hotel, TA/DA, and mobile expenses up to 5000.

There are 3 members from Lahore, including the chairman of the Rawit Hilal Committee, 6 members from Karachi, 3 from Peshawar, 3 from Islamabad, and 2 from Quetta, Malakand, Ghotki Sheikhupura, and Faisalabad. The members include officials from Islamic scholars, the Space Research Organization (SPARCO), the Ministry of Science, and the Ministry of Meteorology.

Snow News Investigation Cell contacted Chairman Ravit Hilal Committee Maulana Khabir Azad, who explained that there are 12 meetings of the Sighting Hilal Committee in a year, including four central meetings during Ramadan, Shawwal, Zulj, and Muharram, and eight four-day meetings. Rawit Hilal, supervised by four employees including the Section Officer, is under the Ministry of Religious Affairs

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