Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Gwadar Port Authority Complex is Under attack

Gwadar complex attack rattled the Gwadar Port Authority Complex (GPA) in Balochistan, which is under attack. According to reports from intelligence agencies, multiple explosions coupled with sustained gunfire engulfed the area. The incident, occurring at 16:00 on Wednesday, targeted several Host Government and paramilitary offices housed within the complex.

Initial reports indicate no immediate casualties, offering a semblance of relief amid the chaos.

Amid the turmoil, seven personnel belonging to three United Nations Agencies and Programs (UNAFPs) stationed in Gwadar, along with two individuals from a UNAFP mission, have been confirmed safe and are duly accounted for, allaying fears of potential harm to international personnel.

Law enforcement agencies are actively monitoring the situation, with heightened security measures in place. Further details regarding the incident are expected to emerge as the situation unfolds. Stay tuned for updates.

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