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Google is Ready to Open a Smart School in Pakistan

The US tech giant Google has announced new education initiatives that. Will see 50 smart schools built in Islamabad, Pakistan’s federal capital. The Google for Education team recently met with the Secretary of the Ministry of Federal. Education and Professional Training to discuss future plans for Pakistan’s education sector. The meeting was organized in cooperation with Tech Valley, the team’s local partner.

These 50 smart schools in Islamabad will be outfitted with 30,000 Google for. Education IDs, as per reports from the official news agency. AI-powered practice sets and a variety of digital tools designed to improve productivity. And teamwork will be included in these IDs.

A number of upcoming initiatives were also discussed during the meeting. Such as teacher workshops on Google for Education tools. The establishment of a public. Google Reference School, the training of 2,000 youth with Google. Career Certificates in skills relevant. To the workforce, and the possibility of working with the. Ministry of Federal Education in Pakistan to host an Edutech event.

On International Women’s Day earlier in March, Google reaffirmed. Its commitment to empowering women. The company believes that by giving women the tools and resources they need. The nation can unlock a future characterized by greater equality. Inclusion, and prosperity for all.

When Google Launched Career Certificates Program in Pakistan?

Google has launched a number of initiatives targeted at advancing greater. Equality and women’s. Empowerment in the workforce in an effort to close these disparities. The company has recognized the enormous potential. The Career Certificates program. Which was launched in Pakistan in 2022, is one such initiative.

The program allocated a minimum of 50% of its scholarships solely to women. With the goal of improving women’s access to economic. Opportunities and empowering them to achieve their goals. In an effort to empower more students, the program awarded 44,500. Scholarships in 2023 and promised to award 45,000 more in 2024.

In addition, the company has been addressing accessibility issues in newsrooms. Training upcoming journalists, and giving women opportunities. To obtain reporting experience through the Google News Initiative (GNI) and local partners.

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