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Good News for Students Seeking Admission from GC University

This year, GC University Lahore has made. The historic decision to not require an entrance exam. For admission to intermediate classes. Admissions will instead be determined by Class IX outcomes.

The Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) directives were followed. In making the decision to do away with the entry test requirement. For intermediate admissions. After the matriculation results were announced. The HEC directed all public colleges to expedite admissions for intermediate classes.

The GCU administration has completed admissions preparations. In accordance with HEC directives, and the university is scheduled. To start intermediate admissions prior to Eid. It is noteworthy that GCU intends to accept more. Than a thousand students for its intermediate courses. The university had required the university test for intermediate admissions in past years.

Government College University is a public university. In the heart of Lahore that was established in 1864 as a branch of the University of Calcutta. Its 1877 gothic central building is still evidence of its Raj-era beginnings. 1882 saw the transfer of affiliation to the University of the Punjab. In 1997, the university gained the ability to award degrees on its own. And in 2002, it became an independent university.

It was still referred to locally as “GC” until 2002, when it was simply known as Government College. Pakistan’s elite is full of Ravians, who are alumni. Four former Pakistani prime ministers, including the most tenured Nawaz Sharif. Two test cricket players, including leg-spinner Abdul Qadir. And two Nobel Prize winners are among them. The 30th vice-chancellor, Hassan Amir Shah. Described it as the “preeminent academic establishment in the Indo-Pak subcontinent.”

How Many Degree Programs Available in GC University?

GC provides four-year degree programs in 26 disciplines and advanced certifications in 24. The faculty of Science and Technology, Engineering, Arts and Social Sciences, Languages. Islamic and Oriental Learning, and Science and Technology comprise 29 academic departments. For Chinese Studies, Industrial Biotechnology, Sustainable Development. Advanced Physics, and Mathematical Sciences, there are five research centers.

One of GC’s two Nobel laureates, Abdus Salam, is honored. By the name of the School of Mathematical Studies (ASSMS). After earning his math degree in 1946, Salam returned to teach math from 1951 to 1954. He became the first Pakistani and Muslim to win a science prize. When he was awarded the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physics. Har Gobind Khorana, the 1968 Chemistry Prize winner, was the other recipient of the GC.

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