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Gold Medals for Pakistani Sisters at the Australian Junior Open Squash Championship

The Bilquis and Abdul Razak Dawood (BARD) Foundation provided support to Mahnoor. And Mahwish Ali, who both had remarkable success at the Australian Junior Open Squash Championship 2024. Which was held at the Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre in Albert Park, Victoria.

The newest BARD fellow, 15-year-old squash pro Mahwish Ali. Has won numerous matches throughout the years. Her talent and commitment to the sport are demonstrated. By the 21 gold medals she has won in addition to many other honors.

Similarly, 11-year-old Mahnoor Ali, who is supported by the BARD Foundation as well. Is becoming well-known in the squash community. Eleven gold medals, including the Asian Junior Gold Medal. And the Scottish Junior Open Gold Medal. Are among her noteworthy victories.

Mahnoor Ali excelled in the Girls U-13 division at the Australian Junior Open 2024. While Mahwish Ali showed off her abilities in the Girls U-17 category.

What Abdul Razak Dawood Said at Australian Junior Open Squash Championship?

The BARD Foundation’s head, Abdul Razak Dawood, expressed his pride. In these two young athletes. He underlined how they act as role models for young Pakistani girls. Who aspire to be successful athletes. The Foundation is committed to assisting. These gifted athletes in realizing their greatest potential.

These two young Pakistani female players thoroughly demonstrated their dominance. And diligence at the Australian Junior Open 2024 with noteworthy victories. In this impressive series of matches. Mahnoor and Mehwish, who competed in the Girls U-13. And Girls U-17 divisions, respectively, showed exceptional talent.

“Watching Pakistani girls realize their potential is immensely satisfying. These two gifted girls’ accomplishments serve. As an example of the boundless potential of Pakistani women and girls. We consider it an honor to have them as BARD fellows, and we promise to be there for them at every turn. The BARD Foundation President. Abdul Razak Dawood, stated that other young girls are encouraged. To follow their dreams by their success.

For many people, the BARD Foundation has always been essential in helping. To develop their potential and open doors to prosperous careers. The foundation’s initiative aims to turn around lives by assisting capable people. In realizing their potential as leaders in their respective industries.

With a focus on skill development and enhancement. The foundation aims to create strong, self-assured individuals. The foundation offers support to anyone with an adventurous spirit. By joining them on their life-changing journey.

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