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German Scholarships for Kashmiri Students

Kashmiri students were encouraged by a German academic visiting. To investigate the outstanding academic prospects in Germany. That may be obtained through scholarships, particularly those offered. By the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD).

Professor Peter Joseph Boeck, a renowned authority on economics. And business education, spoke about the expedited direct admissions process. During an engaging session at the University of Poonch (UoP) Rawalakot. He emphasized the advantages this process offers. To foreign students hoping to study in Germany. He clarified that students from Azad Kashmir and other regions can. Now pursue higher education in Germany thanks to this streamlined route.

Professor Boeck received praise from the teachers and students for his insightful advice. The vice-chancellor of the University of the Philippines. Dr. Mohammad Zakaria Zakir, expressed appreciation to Professor Boeck. For his talk on European culture and teaching methods. Calling it an enlightening interaction.

A visiting German academician has encouraged Kashmiri students. To take use of scholarship possibilities, especially those provided. By the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD). In order to have an amazing academic life in Germany.

Prominent economist and business education expert Prof. Peter Joseph Boeck. Discussed the direct admissions process in detail with students. At the University of Poonch (UoP) Rawalakot. He claimed that this made it easier. For foreign students to enroll in German universities.

According to him, this procedure makes it easier for students from Azad Kashmir. And other areas to pursue higher education in Germany. In response, Prof. Boeck received appreciation from the faculty and students. For his involvement and leadership.

Vice-Chancellor Dr. Mohammad Zakaria Zakir of the University of the Philippines. Expressed gratitude for the lecture on the students’ comprehension. Of European culture and teaching methods.

He made preparations for upcoming seminars to improve academic cooperation. And cross-cultural understanding even further.

Prof Zakir said the UoP was not only nurturing a generation of globally aware. Healthcare professionals but also fostering a community. That celebrated diversity and embraced the richness of different cultures.

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