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Free Meal For Students From Next Month: PM

In order to further child education and healthcare initiatives. The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training is preparing. To launch the National Nutrition Programme in Islamabad by Pm.

The initiative, which is slated to start on May 1st. Is the outcome of orders from Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, demonstrating. The high-level dedication to tackling significant socio-economic problems that impact children’s development. According to education secretary Mohyuddin Wani, the initiative. Is being launched on May 1 with the support of the Allah Wala Trust. As per Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s directives.

Leading the charge in partnership with the prestigious Allah Wala Trust. The National Nutrition Programme is ready to make a big difference. By meeting the dietary requirements of kids attending government primary schools in Islamabad.

What is the Goal ofthis Program by PM?

The program’s goals were further explained by Education Secretary Mohyuddin Wani. Who also highlighted the program’s multipronged approach to improving student welfare. Given the critical role that a healthy diet plays in fostering. Both physical and academic performance, the program’s first phase will be devoted. To giving students free meals. The initiative seeks to reduce the obstacles to learning related. To food insecurity and malnutrition by guaranteeing access to wholesome meals.

The National Nutrition Programme’s introduction marks a turning point. In the government’s commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare and education. It exhibits a proactive strategy for tackling the underlying socioeconomic issues. That may impede kids’ ability to complete their education and general well-being. The programme aims to establish a supportive atmosphere that promotes. Both holistic development and the best possible learning outcomes. For students by giving priority to their nutritional needs.

Additionally, the alliance with the Allah Wala Trust emphasises how crucial. It is for civil society organisations and government agencies to work together. To address difficult social issues. By means of this collaboration, the initiative optimises. The proficiency and assets of both domains to augment its scope and influence. Guaranteeing that no juvenile is overlooked owing to dietary discrepancies.

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