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Foreign Students Are Interested in Going UK Anymore

The UK post-study work visa programme may be redesigned, which would significantly reduce the number of applications from overseas students. This would have a major effect on universities across the country. Teachers, legislators, and industry stakeholders are worried about this trend’s possible effects on academic diversity, economic viability, and the health of the UK higher education sector.


A remarkable 90% drop in international student applications for the next academic year was found in a poll by the British Universities’ International Liaison Association, which involved 75 universities.
Postgraduate applications, which are typically preferred by overseas students, had decreased by 27% from the prior year.

Programme for Graduate Visas

The main cause of this decrease is the continuing evaluation of the Graduate Route visa, which permits foreign graduates to work in the UK for a maximum of two years following graduation. The government’s decision about the programme is heavily clouded in mystery as the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) is now conducting an evaluation of it.

Impact institutions UK, which speaks for all institutions in the country, issues a warning that any limitations on the graduate visa might have disastrous repercussions. Through tuition fees, the programme not only creates significant financial rewards but also supports a varied learning environment.


Apprehension is also expressed by the UK’s thriving creative sector, which is valued at £108 billion annually. In a joint letter, Universities UK and Creative UK call on the government to support the programme, highlighting its key role in luring and keeping exceptional graduates who are essential to the expansion of the business.

Prospects for the Future

The UK government says it is committed to controlling net migration while still luring in highly qualified foreign students, but it is unclear what the future holds for the Graduate Route visa. Universities and international students are left waiting in shock.

Important Points

The official Migration Advisory Committee report about the Graduate Route visa.
The ultimate decision on the program’s future made by the UK government.
Possible long-term effects on the number of foreign students enrolled at UK universities.
The delicate balance that exists between immigration laws and the educational and economic advantages of drawing in foreign students is highlighted by this circumstance. It’s critical to keep an eye on the government’s actions as they transpire and any potential effects they may have on UK universities and the economy as a whole.

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