Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Flour Price Comes Down In Pakistan

The price of 15-kilogram flour bags in Islamabad has been reduced by Rs 600 following a drop in Pakistan’s inflation rate. According to market sources, a 10-kilogram flour bag is now priced at Rs 1200, down by Rs 270 from Rs 1470. Similarly, a 15-kilogram flour bag has decreased by Rs 600 to Rs 1650, while a 20-kilogram flour bag now costs Rs 2250, down from Rs 2880. Small and large double roti (bread) prices have also been reduced by Rs 10 to 20.

A small double roti now costs Rs 120, down from Rs 130, while a large double roti costs Rs 220, down from Rs 240. First-grade flour has decreased from Rs 170 to Rs 160 per kilogram, while second-grade flour now costs Rs 150 per kilogram, down from Rs 160. Additionally, Chakki flour prices have dropped to Rs 140 per kilogram, down from Rs 150 in the surrounding areas of Islamabad. The association has reduced the flour prices by Rs 5 per kilogram, from Rs 170 to Rs 165 per kilogram following a decrease in wheat rates.

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