Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Female student thrashes professor at GCU

Female student fights with teacher

Lahore: There has been an alleged incident of harassment of a student by a professor at Government College University Lahore, on which a video of the student’s severe reaction has also come out. According to the details, a video has come out in which G.C. A female student of the university attacked the assistant professor and scratched his hair. The female student picked up the files lying on the table and gave them to the assistant professor Dr. Muhammad Mehboob Ahmed.

At the time of the incident, other women were also present in the office, one of them. The Vice-Chancellor of GC University has taken immediate notice of the incident and has set up a committee to investigate. The spokesperson of GC University said in a statement that the inquiry committee will soon determine the responsible and merit against the guilty. will be processed.

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