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FAHM Mentorship Program Approved by University of Health Sciences

The University of Health Sciences (UHS) has authorized a new mentoring program for its students in an effort to foster academic growth and act as positive role models for students in career-related fields.

This program was approved during the 25th meeting of the UHS Academic and Administrative Advisory Committee (AAAC), which was chaired by Vice Chancellor Prof. Ahsan Waheed Rathore on Tuesday.

The mentoring program, called “Fahm” (meaning Understanding), will involve mentors providing students with individualized guidance and feedback on academic matters.

The program’s main objectives are to improve students’ overall academic performance by disseminating insightful information that is useful outside of the classroom.

With time management, stress relief, support, and guidance, the program seeks to prepare students for success in their academic endeavors as well as their future careers. The program, which was created by the UHS Medical Education department, has the potential to make a major contribution to the overall development of students.

What Said by Vice Chancellor of University of Health Sciences?

UHS Vice Chancellor Professor Ahsan Waheed Rathore stressed the value of mentoring programs in helping students develop unique personalities as he outlined his vision for the university’s graduates. Each mentor will oversee five to seven mentees as part of this program, leading bimonthly meetings where mentees are encouraged to freely express their opinions.

Study sessions, career planning, leadership development, improving communication skills, and community service are all included in the program.

The meeting also resulted in an agreement to match health research projects with national and international funding bodies’ priorities.

Faculty members were directed by the UHS VC to create health research projects that focused on sustainable development objectives, environmental issues, and artificial intelligence.

He made it clear that completion of research projects and their financing would be a requirement for admission to postgraduate programs. Restructuring the departments of Audio Visual Support, Information Technology, and Student Affairs was also decided upon.

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