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Fact Check Any Changes in Nadra B-Form Application Process?

A story that has accumulated thousands of interactions on social media claims the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) has changed the process for obtaining a child registration certificate in Pakistan.

From January 2024, parents will only be issued a child registration certificate, also known as the B-Form, for children under the age of seven, the online posts suggest.

The claim is false. No such changes have been made.


On December 6, a Facebook client posted a one-moment and four-second video in Pashto, where the storyteller encouraged Pakistani guardians to get their youngsters’ B-Structures made before December 31, 2023.

“A warning has been given by NADRA that the most common way of getting a kid’s B-Structure is being changed from the following year,” the voiceover can heard say.

An accompanying caption with the video read: “All parents must make the B-Form or birth certificate of their child before December 31, 2023, because a new law is being introduced in 2024.”

Another Facebook client shared a comparable case adding that from 2024, birth testaments may be given to kids younger than seven.

The post had been shared north of 640 times and preferred multiple times, at the hour of composing.

Identical posts were shared here and here.


Nadra, the government agency that issues child registration certificates, has neither changed the process of obtaining a B-Form nor does it plan to, officials confirmed.

In a statement shared with Geo Fact Check, NADRA’s spokesperson, Rida Qazi, denied that any amendments have been made to the rules or process of getting a child registration certificate in the country.

“The cases on the web are in opposition to realities and are misdirecting residents,” the assertion read, adding that no cutoff time has been set for acquiring B-Structures all things considered.

The cases were additionally countered by NADRA through their authority virtual entertainment accounts here and here.

Geo Truth Look at then came to Shahid Akbar, the associate chief at NADRA’s tehsil office in Punjab’s Khushab. Akbar additionally affirmed that he has not been made aware of any changes.

The cycle, he added, was equivalent to that previously. To get a B-Structure gave a kid’s parent should present a duplicate of a refreshed public character card and one parent should be available in the workplace to apply for the testament.

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