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Exams to be Held Online in Kyrgyzstan After Attack on Pakistani Students

The Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Education has declared that exams for universities will be given online in reaction to the violence that Pakistani students have recently faced. The goal of this decision is to protect foreign students after several attacks in Bishkek, the country’s capital.

With the exception of those enrolled in their final semester, the ministry’s new policy permits students to return home and still take their exams virtually. Exam schedules will be shared via WhatsApp, allowing first-through ninth-semester students to finish their assignments without having to visit the campus.

This initiative comes after a troubling incident in which 14 Pakistani students were injured when local students attacked their foreign counterparts. The international student community is extremely distressed as a result of the violence, which has prompted quick efforts to repatriate.

The urgency of the situation is highlighted by the arrival in Lahore of a flight from Bishkek carrying 140 students. The students and their families are still very concerned about their safety, so the repatriation process is ongoing.

Ishaq Dar, the deputy prime minister, addressed the matter earlier today and said that no Pakistani nationals had perished in the Bishkek mob violence. Dar clarified, saying, “Sixteen foreign students were injured, including four to five Pakistanis who are currently in hospitals,” during a press conference in Lahore with Amir Muqam and Atta Tarar.

Dar said that the Pakistani government had canceled its visit to Kyrgyzstan at the request of the Kyrgyz foreign minister and denounced the “false propaganda” that a political party was spreading. He gave his word that the government would pay for Pakistani students who wanted to go back to their country of origin. 540 students are being returned on three flights today. The Pakistani embassy has attested to the peace, and the situation is under control,” Dar stated.

He also underlined that Bishkek is home to about 11,000 Pakistani students, and that full facilities will be available to those who return. “Students who wish to depart Bishkek may sign up at the embassy.” He went on, “There is no worrying situation in Bishkek. You should have faith in Kyrgyz officials and their dedication to safety.”

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