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Exam Schedule for O/A Level Announced

Starting on April 25, Cambridge Assessment International Education. Will administer the O Level and A Level exams. The exam window will remain open until June 13.

The May/June 2024 exam session is expected to attract about 100,000 students. From different parts of Pakistan. The Cambridge exams will be taken by over 40,000 candidates from Karachi. Plus an additional 15,000 private candidates from around the country.

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Remarkably, an estimated 6,000 Karachi students have chosen to sit. For the Cambridge exams on their own. About 20 of the approximately 100 examination centers. That have been set up nationwide. To handle the influx of candidates are located in Karachi. In order to ensure the efficient conduct of the exams.

When looking into the subjects that Pakistani students like to study. Some topics come up time and time again in the Cambridge O Level and A Level curricula. Subjects including mathematics, English, Urdu, Islamiat, Pakistan Studies. And Urdu consistently elicit a great deal of interest. And participation from O Level candidates. As a reflection of their varied academic interests and professional goals. A Level students show a preference for courses in physics, mathematics. Business, chemistry, and computer science.

Ministers are directed by the Finance Division. To guarantee a three-month notice period for cases of voluntary retirement.

The Cambridge curriculum is used by about 800 schools nationwide. Giving students access to an internationally recognized level of education. Karachi is well-represented in this network, as it has about 200 schools. That provide aspirant students with a full Cambridge education.

The internationally recognized O and A Levels are offered. By Cambridge Assessment International Education. And are normally taken by students in their senior year of high school. O Levels, the UK’s version of the GCSEs, are taken at around age 16 and cover a broad range of subjects. A Levels are taken at a more advanced level. Usually at the age of 18, and allow students to specialize. In their chosen fields of study by delving deeper into fewer subjects.

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