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ECP Rolls Out Red Carpet for Observers and Media at Polling Stations

In a move that promises transparency and open access, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has laid out a warm welcome for observers and media personnel holding its accreditation cards or permits.

This groundbreaking directive ensured that anyone equipped with the official ECP badge, issued by the spokesperson of the ECP and the district returning officers, could step into polling stations without hindrance.

The ECP’s latest instruction explicitly instructs presiding officers to refrain from barring the entry of media personnel and observers who bear the coveted accreditation.

This signified a proactive effort by the ECP to foster an environment of openness during the electoral process, he added.

The Election Commission’s spokesperson said on Thursday that, whether armed with cameras, notebooks, or a keen eye for detail, those possessing the ECP’s accreditation were assured a seamless entry into the heart of the democratic exercise.

“This move is poised to elevate the coverage of elections, allowing observers and media to bring the nation real-time insights from within the polling stations,” he said.

“The ECP’s commitment to unhindered access reflects a pivotal step towards ensuring fair and comprehensive electoral coverage, bolstering the democratic spirit that lies at the core of our electoral system,” he added

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