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ECC Approves 4050M For Pakistan Satellite Communication System

Economic Coordination Committee approved 4,050.686 million rupees for SUPARCO to meet the project’s requirements titled “Pakistan Multi-Mission Communication Satellite System”.

The Economic Coordination Committee has approved over four billion rupees for various ministries and divisions.

The ECC, which met in Islamabad today with Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb in the chair, allowed 2.363 million rupees to pay troops, costs, and subsistence allowance.

It also nodded 200 million rupees for the Intelligence Bureau Division and 19.373 million rupees for the Ministry of Law and Justice.

Furthermore, the ECC allowed SNGPL-based plants to operate for six months starting from 31st March till 30th September this year to ensure a smooth supply of urea fertilizer for Kharif season.

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