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Earthquake hits Islamabad, Azad Kashmir

Earthquake felt in federal capital at 3.19pm, says seismological center

  • Quakes felt in government capital at 3.19pm.
  • Shake hits Islamabad’s rural areas too.
  • Focal point in Doda region of IIOJK.

A magnitude 5.8 Earthquake shocked Islamabad and its rural areas on Monday, as per the seismological focus.

The profundity of the tremor was 140 kilometers, while its focal point was the Doda locale of Indian Illicitly Involved Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

The Earthquake that spread frenzy among the inhabitants were felt at 3.19pm.

In the meantime, the Earthquake were additionally felt in different pieces of the nation including Samahni and Bhimbhar of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and Peshawar.

No quick setbacks or harms have been accounted for in the result of the tremor.

Zainab Tariq, a 27-year-old understudy in Islamabad let know that she felt the quakes, yet they weren’t areas of strength for simply.

“I was sitting in my room while the structure out of nowhere begun shaking. I ran first floor yet couldn’t see any other person outside, so I thought it was not felt by many individuals”.

Catastrophic events, for example, seismic tremors are normal in Pakistan, as the nation is arranged on the limit of the Indian and Eurasian structural plates.

Huge pieces of South Asia are seismically dynamic in light of the fact that a structural plate known as the Indian plate is driving north into the Eurasian plate.

Ongoing Earthquake highlight the significance of catastrophe readiness and relief measures.

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