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Driving License Exclusively For Students

Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi has said that he is issuing licenses exclusively for students of colleges and universities. Speaking at the opening ceremony in Islamabad, he said that the children of colleges and schools will not need to come to us. , we will contact the teachers of all the colleges, and universities and go once or twice a month to get their learning and driving licenses, this will save the children’s time.

He also announced the facility of obtaining a driving license. He said that this facility would be provided to people 70 years and above by going to their homes, and licenses would be made by going to their homes, this is the right of the people. We need to solve the traffic problem and make it signal-free. He said that the citizens will be able to get learner permits, license renewals, and other important facilities from the mobile traffic facility van.

The mobile traffic education van will provide traffic awareness to various private and educational institutions and citizens on the roads. Mohsen Naqvi said that in the coming days, you will get to see a lot of things, we Islamabad. The welfare of police and martyrs is my priority.

He said that I went to the Lahore passport office in the morning, and there were many complaints of corruption, I have changed the top officials there. There is a delay in the issuance of passports, it will take some time to get it right, there are some technical issues, but now it will not happen that people pay money but passports are not produced. Will take action against. Answering the question regarding the deal between the establishment and Imran Khan, the interior minister said that there is no such thing in my knowledge.

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