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Don’t Politicise Judge’ Letter, Advises PM Shehbaz

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif stressed on Thursday “on behaving responsibly, refraining from politicizing the letter of judges [on intervention in the judicial matter].Addressing the federal cabinet after a meeting, he said that the suspicious letters received by the [supreme court and high courts] judges would also be investigated and the people responsible for this heinous act would be taken to task.He said that in the light of the meeting with the chief justice of Pakistan on the issue of [letter by] six high court judges, the cabinet approved the formation of an inquiry commission. The commission was constituted after consultation with Justice (retd) Tasaddaq Jilani and it was duly notified.Later, the former judge declined and the commission ceased to exist.The Supreme Court took a suo motu the other day [of six judges’ letter] and held a hearing. As the Supreme Court has taken up the matter, the government was absolved of its responsibility, he added.The prime minister said a meeting was held on the economy yesterday. The SIFC (Special Investment Facilitation Council) has a key role in improving the economy.He said he has decided to carry out a sectoral review of the ministries that have an important role in economic revival so that they can quickly solve problems and tackle the challenges being faced by the country, he continued.He stressed honest efforts to bring down inflation and unemployment.Premier Shehbaz said the IMF stand-by agreement worth $1.1 billion would be available this month after its board’s approval. The finance minister is going to Washington where the spring meeting of the IMF will be held. Later, he will meet with the IMF regarding the new program.He said that another IMF program was necessary for the stabilization of the economy, and the development and prosperity of the country.The premier acknowledged that the terms of the IMF in the new agreement would be harsher. But we have to devise a strategy to reduce the burden on the poor and put it on those who can bear it.He said that the digitization of FBR was underway and consultants would be appointed this month so that the program

could be implemented as early as possible

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