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Pakistan and KSA Discusses Bilateral Economic Ties

Federal Minister for Commerce, Industries & Production, Investment, Interior and Overseas Pakistanis, Dr. Gohar Ejaz returned to Islamabad after a successful visit to Saudi Arabia, where he engaged in high-level discussions to strengthen bilateral economic ties between Pakistan and KSA.

During his visit, Minister Gohar Ejaz met with key Saudi officials including Minister of Investment Khaled Al-Falih and Commerce Minister Majid Bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi in Riyadh. These meetings aimed to explore opportunities for collaboration and investment between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Accompanied by a delegation of 20 Pakistani industrialists, Minister Gohar Ejaz held productive discussions with Saudi ministers on various avenues for enhancing bilateral trade and investment. The discussions emphasized the importance of increasing cooperation in sectors such as oil and gas, construction, food, and agriculture.

Minister Gohar Ejaz highlighted the need to elevate trade and investment relations between Pakistan and KSA, underscoring the mutual benefits of closer economic cooperation. Saudi ministers expressed their commitment to strengthening trade relations with Pakistan, affirming their willingness to explore new avenues for collaboration. The importance of increasing cooperation in sectors such as oil and gas, construction, food and agriculture.

Pakistan and KSA have agreed to work towards increasing investment in key sectors, paving the way for sustainable economic growth and prosperity.

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