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Discover the Wonders of Balochistan

Balochistan, one of Pakistan’s four provinces, is located in the southwest of the nation. Many wonders exist in Balochistan’s land, yet most Pakistanis are unaware of them. Here, we’ve included a few must-see locations in the area that will broaden your understanding by making you ponder about yourself.

Bolan Pass

Bolan Pass, a mountain that is part of the Toba Kakar Range in Balochistan, is one of the most unusual crossings in western Pakistan. The distance from the Afghan border is 120 kilometers. In terms of both location and construction, Bolan is unique. It serves as the primary rail and road link between Sibi and Quetta.

Hanna Lake

Hanna Lake is a lake in Balochistan that is close to Quetta. Its worth is narrated by its fluidity and distinct viewpoint. Water moving quickly contains a wide variety of distinct organisms. Hanna Lake’s captivating scenery makes it a popular tourist destination in Balochistan that people want to visit.

Makran Coastal Highway

The Makran Coastal route in Balochistan, the nation’s tenth national route, is 653 kilometers long. The Makran coastal highway connects the Arabian Sea in Karachi, Sindh, with the Gawadar route in the province of Balochistan. This is an incredible reality. Pasni and Oman are two towns along its path.

Hingol National Park

Hingol National Park also known as Hungol National Park sits along Makran Coastal Highway in southwest Balochistan. It was founded in 1988 and has a 1,650-square-kilometer area. Because drift sand and rocks cover the majority of the park, it is unusual. It appears to be a semi-desert coastal area. The park is well-known for its roughly 185 bird species, 35 mammal species, and 65 reptile and amphibian species.

Kund Malir

Balochistan, Pakistan’s Kund Malir beach is situated in Hingol National Park approximately 145 kilometers from Zero-Point along the Makran Coastal Highway. One can consider the drive from Kund Malir to Ormara to be scenic.

Pishin Valley

About 50 kilometers from Quetta is the Pishin Valley, home to hundreds of acres of fruit orchards. It is situated in Balochistan’s Pishin District. Pishin Valley is gorgeous and lush, with vibrant fruits creating a green contrast with the lush vegetation. It’s widely recognized for agriculture and horticulture all around Pakistan.

Astola Island

Astola Island, sometimes known as Astole, is an island in Balochistan. It is well-known for its distinctive specialty, which is called Island of the Seven Hills, or Haft Talar. Astola Island is a component of the Pasni sub-district in Gwadar District. Situated in the Arabian Sea, the island is entirely deserted.

Gwadar Port and Beaches

Gwadar City is a treasure trove of natural beauty and the economic center of the nation. Gwadar’s harbor is located on the southwesterly bank of the Arabian Sea. Gwadar is about to add its marvels to your list of Balochistan’s wonders.


Ziarat, the district’s capital, is a captivating vacation destination. It is regarded as a priority to serve both domestic and international tourists. Local tourists from all around the nation have traveled to this location, which is 130 kilometers from Quetta. Surrounded by lush woodlands, even the foreigners are in awe of its distinctive portrait-type structure. The founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, temporarily lived in Ziarat.

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