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Delicious Highlights at Karachi Eat 2024

Since its launch in 2014, Karachi Eat has brought a new purpose, focusing on its commitment to give back to the city

The Eat Festival Karachi edition, better known as Karachi Eat, once again became the talk of K-town as it returned to the city over the weekend with a heavenly lineup of cuisines, music, and heaps of fun.

Pakistan’s biggest festival kicked off its 11th edition on Friday, January 12, stretching over the weekend and smoothly coming to an end on Sunday, January 14.

The three-day event, like every year, proved to be a haven for diverse foodpreneurs from Karachi, giving them a platform to market their delicacies originating from around the world.

With in excess of 120 slows down this year, the celebration covered many global cooking styles, allowing guests an opportunity to attempt the flavors from countries including Turkey, Japan, India, and Mexico, among others, yet the Desi food was the favored food for guests.

Since its send off in 2014, with each release, the celebration has brought another reason, zeroing in on its obligation to reward Karachi and its kin.

“The celebration was sent off with an end goal to reward the city and give its kin a platform to support their organizations,” the CEO (Chief) of Eat Food Pakistan Omar Omari told

As indicated by Omari, the celebration likewise gives individuals of the city a space to associate with the different local area of Karachi.

At first, the celebration included slows down from famous eateries yet this time, as indicated by Omari, around 70% of the sellers were locally established cooks.

Aspirants’ Platform

Close by prestigious culinary brands, the celebration likewise includes a larger part of neighborhood and locally situated organizations that arrangement with clients online without a source for them to visit.

The celebration has demonstrated to work ponders for such limited scope organizations and given them a lift towards progress by giving them the merited openness, particularly in the midst of the new rush of Pakistanis encouraging to help nearby organizations over global organizations.

Sarwat, who has been a visitor of the occasion with her little girl for as long as decade, expressed that while the celebration had extended to a bigger scope, “it has turned into an extraordinary method of advancement, particularly for limited scope organizations.”

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