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Cold and windy weather conditions prevail in Karachi

KARACHI: The port city’s weather conditions is getting chillier with the mercury dropping lower and cold breezes moving from the east on Monday.

The speed of winds, as per the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), moving from the east towards Karachi is 10 kilometers per hour.

The city’s base temperature is supposed to vary between 13°C to 15°C, while higher will stay between 28°C to 30°C.

The Met Office said that there is half moistness in Karachi’s air, while there was a chance of haze over the fields toward the beginning of the day.

The climate, according to the Met Office, is probably going to stay dry during the next 24 hours, however it will get cooler around evening time in the city, while Sindh will likewise encounter a comparable weather condition.

Right now, the city’s air conveys unsafe poisons with the Air Quality Index (AQI) levels at 188 and is checked “unfortunate by IQAir, a Swiss organization that decides the nature of air all over the planet utilizing innovation.”

The city remains at the fifth spot on the World AQI Positioning, while Lahore leads with the best position.

“PM2.5 fixations in Karachi is as of now 28.1 times the WHO yearly air quality rule esteem,” IQAir referenced.

PM2.5 fixations is alluded to as molecule contamination from fine particulates which makes the air quality dangerous in the climate.

In such an air, individuals are encouraged to try not to invest energy outside and close their windows preventing air to enter their homes and different spaces. They should, in such occasions, wear a cover when outside and run an air purifier at home.

A day sooner, Karachi was engulfed in a brown haze as its air quality worsened with the contaminated particulate matter prevailing in the atmosphere.

As per Owais Haider, a climate and environment master, the port city’s air quality was “seriously impacted” following contamination in the air.

The city’s air was captured with risky degrees of contamination, as recorded by the AQI and was checked “undesirable for touchy gatherings”.

Haider said the city’s air quality was affected because of light wind from the upper east, which has carried contaminated particles abnormally.

The weather conditions were hazy because of high mugginess and light air, he added.

“Haze joins with particulate make a difference to frame exhaust cloud,” the climate investigator said.

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