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Closure of Motorway M-2 and M-3 due to thick fog.

LAHORE: The Public Expressways and Motorway Police (NH&MP) on Tuesday shut Motorway M-2 and M-3 for traffic because of thick fog.

As per the Motorway police representative, the motorway M2 from Thokar Niaz to Khanqah Dogran and M3 from Faizpur to Nankana Sahib was shut for general traffic because of thick fog.

The closure, spreading over from Thokar Niaz to Khanqah Dogran on M-2 and Faizpur to Nankana Sahib on M-3, guarantees public security in the midst of diminished perceivability. Remain refreshed on constant traffic data and elective courses to explore through the difficult weather patterns. Practice alert, stick to true orders, and consider postponing unimportant excursions. Your wellbeing is our need; follow official declarations for the most recent reports on motorway terminations and tourism warnings.”

The representative encouraged explorers to go being used of the front and back mist lights to abstain from any occurrence and encouraged them to favor going in sunshine during the thick fog season.

Prior, the Lahore-Multan Motorway and different segments were shut for traffic because of thick haze early Monday morning.

According to subtleties, the segments of Lahore-Multan from Faizpur to Jarhanwala and Lahore motorway from Lahore to Sambrial are shut because of weighty haze.

The representative likewise prompted utilizing mist lights if going in this climate.

Public Roadways and Motorway Police encouraged the general population to keep more distance between the vehicles and consistently take warning from helpline 130 preceding beginning the excursion.

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