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Cheating in exams, Education Minister’s sensational revelations

Punjab’s Education Minister Rana Sikandar Hayat has stated that he will not be intimidated by threats and will not back down from ensuring a safe future for students. He has vowed to go after the paper mafia under the leadership of Maryam Nawaz until every member is exposed and punished. The Minister revealed that he has received threats and offers from the paper mafia to turn a blind eye to cheating in matriculation exams. However, he is determined to prevent Punjab from becoming like Sindh and Karachi. So far, 30 people have been arrested, and the Minister promises that bigger players will be caught soon.

The Education Minister stated that the rate for buying a paper is between 4 to 7 thousand, and some invigilators have been caught putting messages on social media advertising their services. The suspension of the Chairman Board is just the beginning, as the Controller of Examinations was also found to be in collusion with the booty mafia. The Controller allowed private individuals to fill invigilator roles and even sold examination centers for 80 thousand rupees. The entire operation is run by an organized group involved in buying and selling leaflets, with no one able to stop them until Maryam Nawaz stepped forward.

The paper mafia has infiltrated every district, and even the controllers seem to be under their influence. Private schools are also involved to some extent. The mafia is so powerful that it even used interpass evaluators to conduct matriculation exams. These conditions are a result of the previous government’s educational policies. The Minister asks, if this is the situation in cities, what will happen in the villages?

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