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Best Dining Spots in Islamabad

This nation’s capital city Islamabad is teeming with top-notch eateries. Where anybody can enjoy a meal of their choosing. It is a location where you can find a wide variety of food from throughout the globe’s cities. There are much too many locations to get the cuisine you want, such as Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and so on. It is among the most exquisite cities in this nation.

Because of the wonderful weather and stunning surroundings. It is a destination that many travelers choose. Margalla Hills is among the best locations to spend a summer. It provides guests with a breathtaking vista.

There are too many renowned locations in Islamabad to miss out on your ideal desi dinner. If you enjoy eating these meals when you visit this city as a lover of desi cuisine. The reason these foods are so well-liked by the community is. Because they have been around since childhood. When looking for any certain food variety. One of the main concerns is finding a quality because. What counts most is enjoying a meal in its original flavor.

For Islamabad’s culinary enthusiasts. We’ve included a list of locations where they can savor delectable Pakistani cuisine.

La Montana

The La Montana eatery is located in Islamabad on Pir Sohawa Road. This restaurant has an amazing outlook because the Margalla hills’ natural. Beauty surrounds it. Since its opening in 2004, it has been providing its patrons. With a delectable assortment of dishes. Their menu features a plethora of options. Such as seafood, burgers, barbecue dishes, veggies, lentils, and beef. In addition, they offer a private dining area where you can eat with your loved ones.

Usmania Restaurant

Blue Area’s Jinnah Avenue is home to the Usmania restaurant. It operates branches in several Pakistani cities. Here, you can savor an abundance of delicious foods. Steamed lamb leg, steamed quail, and steamed. Chicken are among their unique selection of dishes. One of their well-liked dishes that is quite popular. Among consumers is the Usmania unique chicken handi.

Savor Foods

Jinnah Avenue is to the west of Savour Foods. With just Pakistani foods on the menu, it’s one of the best spots to savor desi food. They have been providing delicious meals since 1988. Savour foods employs a top-notch group of experts. To provide its patrons with delicious food. Savory pulao kabab, zarda, chicken roast, and krispo wings are a few of their specialties.

Des Pardes

Saidpur Road is home to Des Pardes. They have over seven years of experience in the industry. Des Pardes is your best bet if you’re looking for a restaurant that offers excellent Mughlai food. Some of their best Mughlai dishes are the maharaja shorba, shahi murgh yakhni, and murgh handi. Additionally, this restaurant serves a variety of international cuisines. Such as continental, Chinese, and Lebanese dishes.


Qishmich is a pleasant spot to eat as well. Its somewhat unusual name grabs the interest of the buyer. Qishmisch can be found at F-7 Markaz, Bhittai Road. They provide a large selection of foods. Additionally, you can locate their specialty department. Where they provide a variety of dishes like murgh-e-bahar, Chinioti kunna, Madrasi chicken. Shikarpuri chatkhara mutton karahi, and classic mutton paya.

Restaurant Chilman

Restaurant Chilman is located at G-9 Markaz. It’s a great spot to get a distinctive selection of mouthwatering food. Some of their signature dishes are mutton hara masala. Desi murgh shorba, mutton olive, mutton namkeen karahi, and chicken Rajasthani. They also have chilman special soup. They are highly renowned in this city for serving delicious food of the highest caliber.

Habibi restaurant, Islamabad

There are several Habibi restaurant locations in this nation. UAE is home to one of its branches as well. This restaurant will meet all your needs if you wish. To savor Khyber pakhtunkhwa’s traditional cuisine. Here, you may savor specialties like sesame-fried chicken, kalbi pulao. Sikandari boti, unique malai tikka, and mutton namkeen karahi.

Tapas, Islamabad

In Islamabad, on Mangla Road, is Tapas. It offers a wide variety of cuisine items. Here, you may also savor Chinese and Spanish food. Among the well-known Pakistani cuisine items. Include paratha, seekh kabab, tandoori chicken, Bihari chicken, and zeera rice. They also serve some delicious appetizers, such as finger fish. Crunch platter, and crispy chicken bits.

Andaaz Restaurant 

The Andaaz restaurant is a welcome addition to this city’s culinary offerings. They also offer a delectable menu with original names. One of their menu items is Tandoori Namonay. Which has a ton of amazing meals like Tandoori Mela, Tandoori Jhinga. Seeh Lahori, Lucknow Kabab, Murgh Kabab Badami, and many more. 

Haleem Ghar, Islamabad

Haleem Ghar is located on Jinnah Avenue in Ginza Center. They are renowned for providing wholesome cuisine. They purchase their spices from premium companies and use them in their dishes. This place’s major specialty is its extensive selection of Haleem. In addition, you can order a variety of additional items, such as handi, biryani, bar b q, and fish snacks.

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