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Beena Chaudhry Release Video fear for life

‘Romeo Weds Heer’ star says recorded a video to expose responsible persons if she faces any trouble

Senior TV artist Beena Chaudhry has recently released a video message in which she expressed fear for her life after receiving death threats.

The ‘Romeo Weds Heer’ star said in a video message on her Instagram that she was continuously receiving death threats from some people for several days. She claimed that she had been threatened to be murdered if she did not stay silent.

However, she did not mention any names and motives for which she was receiving the death threats in her video message.

The Actress Beena Chaudhry, who appeared in numerous dramas including Geo Entertainment’s Kahin Deep Jaley, told her fans that she could have faced an untoward incident at any time, therefore in this manner, she recorded a video for virtual entertainment to uncover the people who might be liable for her demise.

In 2020, movie producer Sardmad Khoosat had uncovered that he got undermining calls and messages in front of the arrival of his film “Zindagi Tamasha” which blended debate.

Khoosat had explained in an extended note on X – previously Twitter – that his film doesn’t contain questionable substance and cleared by the edit specialists.

The “Manto” entertainer, in any case, abstained from naming individuals who were involving compulsion for him to stop the arrival of Zindagi Tamasha.

Notwithstanding, in spite of getting a delivery date, the Punjab government had halted the arrival of the flick and was deferred endlessly to hit theaters.

The film was at last delivered on 4 August 2023 on YouTube and won grants in Busan and at the 2021 Asian World Film Celebration in Los Angeles.

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