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Australia Tightens Up the Process for Foreign Students Seeking Study Visas

In an effort to combat rising migration rates, Australia warned several colleges. About fraudulent recruitment practices and announced plans on Wednesday. To raise the financial requirements for foreign students applying for visas.

International students will have to prove that they have saved at least. A$29,710 ($19,576) in order to obtain a visa as of this Friday. This is the second increase in roughly seven months. The previous requirement was A$24,505, which was increased from A$21,041 in October.

These steps are a reaction to several recent moves made to tighten laws governing. Student visas. These moves were brought on by a spike in immigration after COVID-19. Restrictions were loosened in 2022, which increased. Demand in the already tight rental market.

The requirements for English language proficiency on student visas were raised in March. And the government has been moving to stop policies that let students stay longer.

What is Said by Minister of Home Affairs of Australia?

The Minister of Home Affairs, Clare O’Neil, declared that 34 educational institutions. Had received warning letters for using “non-genuine or exploitative recruitment practices.” If found guilty, offenders risk up to two years in prison and a ban from recruiting students.

“There is no place for dishonest providers in our global education system. According to O’Neil, “These steps will assist in getting rid of dishonest players. In the industry who try to take advantage of people and damage its reputation.”

Australia’s export sector, international education, is essential to the country’s economy. Bringing in A$36.4 billion ($24 billion) between 2022 and 2023. But the government is under strain due to the migration wave. Which is mostly being caused by international students, and as a result. Rental prices have skyrocketed across the country. The year ending September 30, 2023, saw a record 60% increase in net immigration, reaching 548,800.

Over the next two years, the government expects its policies. To cut Australia’s immigration intake in half.

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