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Paper Leaked In Lahore On Whatsapp

Examination systems’ integrity is being scrutinized once more in light of accusations. That a board test paper for the ninth grade was leaked. On WhatsApp only fifteen minutes after the exam started in Lahore. This regrettable event brings to light an unsettling pattern. That questions the validity of educational tests.

Despite efforts to ensure secrecy, instances of cheating complaints from many centers. Add to the difficulties the Lahore Board of Intermediate. And Secondary Education (BISE) faces.

The Lahore Board of Intermediate Education (BISE). Which ensures exams run smoothly, has drawn harsh criticism for its inability to stop leaks. And protect the privacy of exam questions.

Even with the strict procedures put in place—warnings. Increased security measures. The board has not fulfilled its obligation to protect the integrity of exams. The board’s incapacity to stop. These unethical actions casts doubt on its management style. And ability to oversee exam logistics.

This event comes after another incident in Lahore. Where the matric exam was also leaked over WhatsApp. The Higher Education Department forewarned the Lahore Boards administration. To take precautions to guarantee the privacy of question papers.

What Is Done By Board of Lahore About This Paper Leak?

The Lahore Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. Must act quickly and decisively to close gaps, enforce stringent policies. And discourage possible offenders, working with other pertinent agencies. The integrity of exams and the confidence of students and society can only be restored. By widespread awareness and coordinated efforts.

Exam centers are now more vulnerable to cheating and copying. Due to the use of WhatsApp for paper transmission. The assertions that CCTV cameras were used. To monitor the testing facilities were also refuted.

In hundreds of testing centers, private personnel were recruited. Due to the shortage of government teachers. However, Muhammad Irfan, the Controller of Examinations. Has refuted any such incident and stated. That examination sites are constantly watched to stop paper leaks.

Muhammad Imran
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