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8 Judges Of IHC Received Suspicious Letters

Eight judges, including the Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court, have received suspicious and mysterious letters, causing an uproar among the staff. A judge’s staff opened one of the letters and found powder inside. As soon as the incident was reported, a team of Islamabad Police and experts arrived at the High Court to investigate.

The powder recovered from the letter is also being examined. The letter contains a threatening message and was sent by an unknown woman named Reshham Ahlia Waqar Hussain. She did not write an address on the envelope. The Islamabad High Court has summoned top police officials for further investigation and the case has been registered.

All the judges have received letters, which mention the presence of ‘anthrax’. Chief Justice Amir Farooq stated that the High Court had been threatened during today’s hearing, which caused a delay. The staff who opened the letters complained of inflammation in their eyes and were immediately sanitized. A 7-member larger bench, headed by Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa, has been constituted for the investigation. Justice (retd) Tasadeq Jilani was nominated by the government to head the inquiry commission on the letter of six judges of the Islamabad High Court, but he apologized for the position and wrote a letter to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to inform him about the situation

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