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$10,000 Offered by Singapore Airlines to Travellers Injured by Turbulence

Singapore Airlines announced that it had given $10,000 in compensation to customers who had mild injuries sustained during a strong turbulence-affected trip last month, and that it will talk about higher settlements with others who were more severely injured.

During the horrifying high-altitude ordeal, a 73-year-old British man lost his life while multiple other passengers and staff members on board flight SQ321 from London sustained damage to their skull, brain, and spine.

In Bangkok, where the injured were flown to hospitals, the pilots redirected the Boeing 777-300ER, which was headed for Singapore and was carrying 211 passengers and 18 staff members.

The airline stated in a statement on Tuesday that it has emailed passengers who suffered minor injuries during the event with an offer of US$10,000 in compensation.

“For those who sustained more serious injuries… we have invited them to discuss a compensation offer to meet each of their specific circumstances when they feel well and ready to do so,” the carrier stated.

“An advance payment of US$25,000 is made to passengers who have been medically evaluated as having suffered serious injuries, needing long-term medical treatment, and requesting financial assistance in order to meet their urgent needs.

“This will be part of the final compensation that these passengers will receive.”

Furthermore, the airline promised to reimburse the cost for every passenger on the trip, even those who did not sustain any injuries.

“All passengers will also receive delay compensation in accordance with the relevant European Union or United Kingdom regulations,” added the statement.

Airlines are liable for damages resulting from passenger injuries or deaths while they are on an aircraft under the terms of the Montreal Convention.

Prior to departure from Bangkok, Singapore Airlines provided Sg$1,000 ($740) to every passenger to cover their immediate expenses.

In addition, it has paid for the injured passengers’ medical bills and, upon request, made arrangements for their relatives to go to Bangkok.

“SIA remains committed to supporting the affected passengers who were on board SQ321,” the company stated.

According to Singapore’s transport ministry, unbelted passengers on the flight were forcibly shoved into the cabin after an abrupt 54-meter (177-foot) altitude drop.

The ministry cited a preliminary assessment from Singapore’s Transport Safety Investigation Bureau to claim that during the plane’s flight over the southern region of Myanmar, there was a “rapid change” in gravitational force, or G-force.

Experts from the US Federal Aviation Administration, US National Transportation Safety Board, US Transportation Safety Board, and Boeing, the manufacturer of the aircraft, were on the inquiry team.

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