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100 Days Genocide in Gaza

100 days of genocide that passed on our people in the Gaza Strip equals an entire eternity of suffering, pain, torment, oppression, injustice and tears, and 75 years have passed since the Great Nakba against the Palestinian people.

The international community reproduces its failure to implement the resolutions of international legitimacy regarding the Palestinian issue and repeats its inability and failure to resolve the issue.

The Palestinian Authority and ending the Israeli occupation of the land of the State of Palestine and enabling the Palestinian people to exercise their right to self-determination. The occupying state continues to benefit from this failure and inaction and uses it to continue committing more war crimes and crimes against humanity that turn the Palestinian people and their successive generations into victims without stopping.

100 days in which the occupation army turned the Gaza Strip into an uninhabitable place and committed horrific crimes that claimed the lives of nearly 100,000 Palestinians, including martyrs, missing persons, and wounded, the majority of whom were children and women, and forced displacement on nearly 2 million Palestinians without any safe shelter and without the minimum amount of shelter.

The necessities of life and basic human needs, where famine circles expand and diseases and epidemics spread in light of the continuous destruction of health centers and the absence of treatments and medicines, in a cycle of certain death in various forms that threatens the lives of citizens in the Gaza Strip.

This is in addition to the systematic occupation war to destroy UNRWA and put it out of service, with all the dimensions that this entails. Political, and a complete survey of the camps and areas in the Gaza Strip in preparation for reformulating the reality of the Strip in all its urban and population dimensions in a way that serves the occupation’s agenda.

100 days of massacres and destruction have passed and the international community is still making appeals and demands and expressing concern and urging directed at the Israeli government, whether to stop the aggression, protect civilians and spare them the scourge of war and mass killing, or bring in aid and provide basic humanitarian needs, but without finding any listening Israeli ears.

The Israeli officials were arrogant and proud of the continuation of the war of extermination on the Gaza Strip, and found official Israeli rebellion against the relevant UN resolutions and disdain for the international legal process and the sessions of the International Court of Justice, and persistence in implementing Netanyahu’s real goals from the war, which are summed up in the extermination of more than 2 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip.

Gaza and creating the appropriate racist colonial environment to expel and displace them from the Strip. 100 days have passed since the largest humanitarian disaster in history, and a number of countries are not convinced that the occupation’s mass massacres have completely eroded the argument for self-defense, and they are now required to review their positions in support of the continuation and prolongation of the war.

Also 100 days of the unjust siege imposed by the occupation on our people, closing the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and committing the most horrific crimes against Palestinian citizens, their land, homes, property and sanctities.

Armed settler militias supported by ministers in the Israeli government are given free rein to commit the most heinous violations and expand colonial control over more Palestinian citizens’ lands, in a clear complementarity between the roles of the occupation army and those militias in dismembering the West Bank and turning it into isolated areas from each other drowning in a huge settlement environment.

It is linked to the Israeli depth, which leads to eliminating any opportunity to embody the Palestinian state on the ground with East Jerusalem as its capital. 100 days have passed since the unprecedented escalation in mass arrests, heinous crimes of murder, oppression and abuse against detainees, and racist inflammatory calls issued from the top of the political pyramid in the occupying state to impose more restrictions and punishments on the heroic prisoners.

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