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Foreign Secretary Gave a Comprehensive Briefing On Various Diplomatic Issues

The last meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs. Preceding dissolution was held today at Parliament House with Senator Farooq H. Naek in Chair.

At the outset, the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee Senator Farooq H. Naek. Expressed gratitude towards committee members. Recognizing their dedication and commitment during the past three years. The collaborative efforts with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and committee staff were acknowledged. With a special mention for Additional Secretary Mr. Hafeez Sheikh’s efficient coordination. Key achievements highlighted include strengthening bilateral relations and advocating for overseas Pakistanis’ rights. The Chairman extended best wishes to all members. Emphasizing the shared vision for a prosperous and respected Pakistan.

Foriegn Secretary gave a comprehensive briefing on various issues. Discussed in all the previous meetings of the committee. Alongwith the key initiatives taken by Ministry of Foriegn Affairs on diplomatic. And international fronts in line with the recommendations of the committee.

The Foreign Secretary briefed the committee on India’s alleged atrocities in IIOJK. And the actions taken by the Foreign Ministry. He emphasized Pakistan’s ongoing efforts to spotlight the Kashmiri plight internationally. And reiterated support for their right to self-determination in line with UNSC resolutions.

Furthermore, the ministry continued its endeavors to raise awareness about the challenges. Faced by Muslims in India and denounced sacrilegious statements made against the Holy Prophet (PBUH) by BJP members. Pakistan also actively addressed Islamophobia on the global stage.

A diplomatic passport, along with foolproof security. Was provided to Mr. Yasin Malik’s spouse as directed by the committee. The ministry is actively pursuing the matter of travel conditions imposed on Pakistanis to the UAE.

The issue of stranded Pakistani students in Chinese universities. Due to COVID restrictions was successfully resolved. The committee informed that concerns regarding Afghan spectators. During the Pak-Afghan cricket match in the UAE were addressed with authorities. And necessary steps were taken by the UAE government.

The Foreign Ministry issued standard operating procedures. And continued to facilitate visits of Pakistani parliamentarians abroad through its missions. Efforts were ongoing to address difficulties faced by Pakistanis in Gulf countries. Including Iqama renewals, lost passport issuances, and non-payment of salaries.

Pakistan maintained a delicate balance in its foreign policy. And diplomatic relations with Russia and the Western Bloc amid the Ukrainian crisis. A formal application for BRICS membership has been submitted, meeting all necessary prerequisites.

The ministry extended its outreach in Africa, and the power of attorney system. For the Pakistani diaspora working abroad was digitized, benefiting 5000 individuals. No Pakistani mission was closed in African countries as part of austerity measures.

The resolution of issuing visas to 1600 Afghans with bogus residence cards. From Sweden involved repatriating the culprit, a Pakistani employee, now in the custody of FIA.

The committee was briefed on Pakistan’s diplomatic, economic, peace & security. Strategic objectives during FM Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s participation in the SCO Council of Foreign Ministers meeting held in India. Senator Walid Iqbal proposed a uniform consular protection policy. With the Foreign Secretary committing to formulate it within 90 days.

Prisoner transfer agreements were discussed. The committee directed the ministry to sign agreements with more countries. For the benefit of Pakistani nationals. The Foreign Secretary expressed gratitude to the committee for their guidance. Over the past three years and affirmed dedication to advancing Pakistan’s interests globally. The meeting was attended by Senators, Walid Iqbal, Palwasha Muhammadzai Khan. Maulana Ghafoor Haideri, Tahir Bizenjo, Mushahid Hussain Sayyed. Secretary Foreign Affairs, and other senior officials.

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